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Patients' Rights and Responsibilities


Patients' Rights and responsibilities

Toyohashi Municipal Hospital aims to perform its duties of medical care through a relationship of trust with the patient, on the basis of our principle stance of providing sufficient explanation to gain the understanding and consent of the patient. The rights and responsibilities of patients in this hospital are explained here. The hospital wishes to confirm the following points in order to establish ideal medical care through cooperation between the hospital and patient.

Our Basic Policies

Right to receive the best possible medical care

Our patients have the right to receive the best possible medical care, based on humanity and respect for life.

Right to know

Our patients may obtain sufficient explanation to ensure that they fully understand the name of their illness, its symptoms, prognosis, the content and dangers of any examination or treatment, and the benefits and side-effects of any medicine etc. Where any medical practice is still undergoing research, such as the use of a medicine still under test etc., the doctor has a duty to inform the patient of this in advance. Our patients may obtain explanation about the estimated cost of any treatment or about the details of costs incurred. However, the above may be explained to the patient's family or to a representative of the patient where this is deemed necessary by the examining doctor.

Right to self-determination

Except in an emergency or similar situation, our patients have the right to agree to, select or reject any medical procedure (examination, treatment etc.) by their own free will, after obtaining sufficient information and advice from a health professional. In such a case, the patient has the right to be informed of the results, in medical terms, of their decision. Further, the patient may select health professionals, such as the doctor responsible for their care, move to a different hospital by requesting a letter of introduction, or ask the opinion of another doctor specified by the patient.

Right to privacy protection

Our patients have the right not to have their personal information disclosed to any third party beyond the health professional or professionals directly responsible for their treatment. Further, our patients have the right not to experience any intervention in personal matters.

Responsibility for participation and cooperation

In order to protect the above rights, our patients are responsible for participation and cooperation in their treatment by working in partnership with our health professionals.

Protection of personal Information

~Protection of Personal Information for Toyohashi Municipal Hospital Patients~

Protection of Personal Information for Toyohashi Municipal Hospital Patients

Toyohashi Municipal Hospital does its very best to provide the best possible medical care, in accordance with our basic policies.

The following steps are taken by the hospital in order to protect important personal information.

  1. The hospital at all times observes legal requirements relating to the handling of personal information when managing patients' personal information.
  2. In order to handle patients' personal information in an appropriate manner, the hospital appoints and trains personnel responsible for said information.
  3. Medical information obtained by doctors and/or nursing staff, and other employees shall be recorded on clinical records etc., and shall be used to provide the best possible medical care.
  4. Personal information shall be used for medical insurance paperwork, out-patient and ward management, fee payment, accounting,medical treatment safety measures, countermeasures to infection within the hospital etc.
  5. In some cases, external medical institutions are asked to conduct examinations etc. At that time, it is sometimes necessary to pass on patient information to the institutions concerned. In such an instance, as well as selecting trustworthy facilities, a contract is exchanged to prevent inappropriate use of the patient's personal information.
  6. In order for a patient to continue receiving the best possible medical care, information relating to diagnosis and treatment may be provided to other hospitals or medical clinics etc. The information may also be used for medical study or research for the purpose of developing and improving medical treatment. In such an instance, the information will be presented such that the individual cannot be identified, and the patient will be asked to complete a form of agreement for the use of medical information. We would be grateful for the cooperation of all patients in such matters.
  7. Personal information may be used for educational purposes, such as in study sessions for doctors, interns, nurses or other trainee employees or medical professionals.
  8. For security purposes etc., the patient's name is indicated at the entrance to his or her room. When visitors come to see a patient in the hospital, we will inform them of the patient's room as part of our patient service.
  9. Medical information will be disclosed if requested by a patient. Any patient wishing to view his or her medical information should apply to the Medical Administration Section. However, if the disclosure of such information is believed to obstruct continuation of the best possible medical care, the information may not be disclosed.
  10. Toyohashi Municipal Hospital takes the utmost care and safely manages all important personal information, which has been vouchsafed to us by the patient. Please direct any inquiries relating to the protection of personal information to the General Information window.

[ Notes ]

  1. If you have any difficulty in agreeing to any of the above, please notify the hospital. If you do not notify us, we assume your acceptance of the above.
  2. Any such notification can be withdrawn or changed at any time.

Toyohashi Municipal Hospital April 1, 2005

Measures for Securing Safety of Medical Care

The provision of safe and high quality medical care is Toyohashi Municipal Hospital's foremost task. The hospital takes various measures to ensure the safety of its medical care.

Protection of personal Information

Medical Safety Management Committee

The Deputy Director of the hospital heads this committee consisting of representatives from a variety of jobs relating to medical care, including doctors, nurses, technicians, office personnel etc. The committee is responsible for overall measures to ensure the safety of the hospital's medical care. Comprehensive assessment and analysis are conducted from each person's respective viewpoint in establishing medical safety measures for the hospital.

Risk Manager System

A risk manager is assigned to each clinical department, ward etc., and is the person responsible for managing medical safety in the workplace. As well as implementing measures decided by the Medical Safety Management Committee, each risk manager is responsible for assessing problems and making improvements in their respectivesection.

Incident Report System

In all medical care workplaces, there are "near miss" incidents which do not result in an actual failure in medical care. Such incidents are reported from the workplace, then the situation and causes are analyzed in order for countermeasures to be put in place. This serves to prevent medical accidents from occurring.
The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is promoting this system nationwide, and it is being actively implemented by Toyohashi Municipal Hospital as one of our key measures to ensure the safety of our medical care.

Internal Audit System

An audit team, consisting mainly of members of the Medical Care Safety Management Committee, conducts an annual audit, after establishing topics relating to medical care safety, and checks that safety measures are being thoroughly implemented. If something is not in order, the audit team informs the relevant section of the required improvements, and also carries out a follow-up audit to check that the necessary improvements have been made.

Medical Safety Training

To ensure the safety of our medical care, it is essential to continuously improve the awareness and skills of medical care professionals. At Toyohashi Municipal Hospital, we conduct basic training in the safety of medical care for new employees, to ensure that all our health professionals are fully aware of medical safety issues. We also conduct practical training sessions, such as precautions when using medical equipment etc.
In subsequent training, in accordance with experience and so on, we continue to hold sessions on medical safety, in our efforts tocontinually improve the awareness and skills of our employees.